Trestle tables come standard with 1 3/4″ thick top glued up with breadboard ends. The tavern table is available with turned or straight legs & foot rail that connects the legs. We have four trestle style bases that are included in the prices below. Styles are: the French Country, Mission, Cambridge & the Annapolis. Also available for a $600 upcharge are:  large trestle bases – the  Tucker, Tuscan & the Killington. Due to the fact that the foot rail & the center trestle leg can be in the way of the end chairs, a larger overhang is required which makes this style table a better fit in 6′ & up. If you are looking for a smaller size, please contact us so we can custom design a table for your space.  All dining tables are 30″ tall. Tables can be completely stained or with a painted base.  All painted bases come in pine with rub through on edges. Hardwoods available for the prices below are:  Cherry, Maple, Red & White Oak. 

 We have begun to offer Steel Bases also! We have two options now that you can see in our gallery, these are included in the prices below. We do have more to come so please inquire about all the stock & custom made steel bases available.


 Wood Pine  Hardwood 
  cost cost
6’x36″ 2,100 2,700
6’x40″ 2,200 2,800
7’x36″ 2,300 2,900
7’x40″ 2,400 3,000
7’x46″ 2,500 3,200
8’x46″ 2,800 3,600
9’x46″ 3,000 4,000
10’x46″ 3,400 4,400
11’x46″ 3,800 4,800
12’x46″ 4,000 5,000
Two 18″ extensions (company boards) can be added  
Add 600 




  • Walnut is available add 20% to hardwood price
  • Reclaimed Oak is available add 20% to hardwood price.
  • Reclaimed Chestnut is available add 40% to hardwood price.
  • Reclaimed Pine is available add 40% to pine price.