January 22, 2016

Hi, Devin! The farm table and chairs arrived this morning, and the long wait was worth it!  We are both completely thrilled by everything. I think the finish is just right, and there is not enough difference between the colors on the chairs to notice. The color of the stain and the sheen are perfect, and as we discussed a while back your standard color is just about what I had come up with, anyway.  Pat just keeps walking around admiring everything. I finished putting the little top on our old sofa table base and it looks great, as well, and of course Pat has already put the fall stuff on the tables. HDS arrived when they said they would, and everything came through well. I’ll take some pictures in the next few days and send them off to you. It was fun doing business with you and meeting with you at your shop.  Hope all is well back there. Sincerely,  
Jim – Morro Bay, CA