Sofa Tables come with hand planed, plank style tops or a glued up top for a smoother surface. Breadboard ends can be added to either style. Leg options are turned 2 1/2″; for larger side tables 3 1/2″, add an extra $50 in pine & $100 in hardwood. Tapered legs are also available in 2 1/2″ or 3″. All tables are 30″ tall. Tables can be all stained or with a painted base. All painted bases come in pine with rub through on edges.  Hardwoods available for the prices below are: Cherry, Maple, Red Oak.


Our build time for all custom tables is 10 weeks.



Wood                      Pine Hardwood
18″ x 4′ 400 600
18″ x 5′ 500 700
18″ x 6′ 700 900
18″ x 7′ 800 1,000


  • A shelf can be added to the bottom of your table for $100 extra 
  • Add a drawer to the side of your table for $100 each.
  • Walnut & white oak is available add 30% to hardwood price
  • Reclaimed Oak & Chestnut is available add 30% to hardwood price.
  • Tiger Maple is available in 1″ thickness only, add 40% to hardwood price.

We also offer other designs such as hunt boards and sideboards.  Please contact us for pricing.