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For every tabletop, we use the hand plane to create a signature look that is truly a craft within itself. The hand plane creates a piece that reflects incredible authenticity. 

One of the first choices you’ll make as we begin to craft your custom farmhouse table is to decide what style and shape fit your needs and vision. Would you like your table to be rectangular, square or round? This is dictated mostly by the space you have to work with. 

You’ll also want to give some thought to the tabletop. Do you want it plank style, where you can see a tight line between each board? Or a glued-up top that looks like one solid piece? With this option you can have just a simple smooth edge, or breadboard ends. Breadboard ends are accent pieces that we attached to the ends of the table to give a more finished look.

Pick a style from our selection of gallery images, customize your own using various specs below or commission us to create a true reproduction of a piece you have in mind.

Breadboard Ends:

Breadboard ends are optional accent pieces that we attached to the ends of the table to give a more finished look. The function of breadboard ends are to help stabilize a table top against cupping and warping.  Because wood moves across the grain as the seasons change, a breadboard end will either fall short of the panel edge or extend past it. This allowance for wood movement is a sign of good craftsmanship.

Leg Style:

Carolina Farm Table can design to your aesthetic. Although we build a wide variety of dining table styles, the farmhouse table — with its four legs — is the most popular. This traditional style is also the most versatile, offered in rectangular or square and with a 1” or 1 ¾” thick top. We have a variety of turned legs to choose from and we also offer tapered or straight for a simple, clean-lined look. We can custom make these styles in a variety of sizes, from a small breakfast table up to a large conference table.  

We also offer a trestle farmhouse table, which has a rectangular top with two legs. Trestle tables offer the most leg room. Therefore, they work well in a banquet or with a built-in bench. But keep in mind they require a 1 ¾” thick top for stability. There is a lot of variety in their designs, especially when it comes to the legs. We offer simple, clean line designs that complement the smallest size table or beefier designs that stand out under the largest of tables. We also offer steel and cast iron bases for a more industrial look.

If a round farmhouse table fits your space best, we have four leg or single pedestal options and these are available with 1” or 1 ¾” thick tops. As with all our tables, we have many base designs to choose from.

Choose from our selection of leg styles or if necessary, commission us to design a leg specific for you.


So much of making a room look great is creating the right balance of furniture and space. As you look around your room, consider the amount of space you have to work with and choose your table size accordingly.

We’ve got a few tips to help you make the right choice…

For starters, how big IS your space? Take good measurements and factor in the furniture you have in the room (hutches, buffets, sofa tables, etc.) or pieces you may add down the road.

On average, you’ll need 24 inches per person for chair placement between the legs. Benches can fit more people, especially kids!! ☺   

After deciding what size best fits your needs and home, check out our online seating chart here and choose from our standard sizes, or create a custom size. We are happy to talk though dimensions with you to ensure you get a good fit!


We offer 18” – 24” extensions for all our farmhouse tables. This is a great way to add seating space for those times that company joins your family around your dining table. These extensions allow you to have a smaller size table for your daily life. We’ve found that in a closed room, a fixed table works best, but in open concept spaces, extensions work really well. These two end pieces rest on support beams which pull out from the ends of the table. They need to be stored away separately when not in use.


Pine is a soft wood, but it has a ton of character and beautiful knots. Typically pine features heavier distressing and wider boards. As far as costs, it is moderately priced and fits most budgets.

Hardwoods are much more durable than pine. They are more refined with very few knots and lighter distressing, but can be heavily distressed upon request. Most often, maple works with very light finishes while cherry works with many colors from light to dark— but always has a red tone. Oak, which comes in white and red, has a visible open grain that you can see and feel. If you love a driftwood gray weathered finish, white oak is your wood! If you’re going for something darker, you’ll definitely want to give walnut a close look because it is a gorgeous dark wood. Walnut does come with a higher cost, so if you’re looking for a more premium piece, it may be the perfect choice. 

One of Carolina Farm Tables’ specialties is finding and working with locally Reclaimed wood. Unlike new wood, reclaimed wood is full of history. Given the many different sources of reclaimed wood, you’ll find a great deal of variety. As we get past the top, weathered layer, we uncover richer colors as well as beautiful variation from board to board. With every piece, we take great time and care to fill the larger holes with wood or epoxy, while leaving the smaller imperfections to be enjoyed. Reclaimed wood tables are available in hemlock, oak and the rare and wonderful wormy chestnut.  

Choose from our selection of  wood samples


Many customers ask for guidance on whether they should have their table all stained, or with a stained top and a painted base. The fact is, it’s up to you. We have a nice variety of standard colors and stains to choose from. Choose from our selection of  color choices.

Sherwin Williams paint colors and Minwax stain colors are also available if you’d like even more variety. 

Handplaning and Distressing:

Each farmhouse table we create is a work of art in itself. To give our table a rustic farmhouse look we typically hand plane the table top to highlight the woods natural beauty and add an extra level of character. Using this century old skill creates a slight rippled effect and reveals the woods natural imperfections. If you prefer a less distressed look, but still love the beautiful grain the real wood has to offer. A smooth sanded top may be a better fit for you. The choice is yours & the price is the same either way. 

Our craftsmen add an extra layer of character using man made distressing tools we have specifically created in our shop. These tools are one of a kind and create authenticity through the hands of our talented woodworkers. Typically, we give each piece a “normal” distressing level, but if you do have a specific preference, please let us know.

Distressing Preference


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