The Craftsman Process 


  • Hand crafted and custom, made to order
  • Special care in wood selection from renewable and local lumber sources
  • Energy efficient methods utilizing age old techniques & hand tools
  • Strong solid construction with commercial grade finishes
  • 10% Material waste and byproducts recycled locally
  • 95% of ALL materials used in construction are from the USA
  • Hassle free assembly & maintenance

All lumber is purchased in maximum width and in the rough from local lumberyards.
It is carefully selected and milled in our shop. This allows us optimal use of our wood selection, ensuring most of the wood is used in both width and thickness, so there is little waste. We strive to leave as much of the natural character in each piece created.

All pine table tops are hand planed and our hardwood tops are all hand scraped. We then distress and sand all edges for an aged, worn unique one of a kind look. All painted pieces are also distressed and sanded for a worn look.

Our bases feature mortise and tenon joinery as well as newer techniques such as metal brackets and machine threaded inserts and bolts. These make our tables incredibly strong, and also very easy to disassemble so we can ship to our customers throughout the U.S. and beyond.

The only tool needed for assembly and take down is a 1/2 ” socket wrench. Sliders and other hardware are used to allow for wood movement, which is so critical in solid wood furniture.

The finish is where we incorporate commercial grade lacquer as well as using a custom six step aging process.
These steps create a believable antique reproduction, which is protected against water, heat, and wear and tear for years to come.


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