A well-built table deserves to be surrounded by well-built chairs. We believe the construction of a chair is equally important as its design aesthetic, because of the use it will receive. We searched all over the United States for the quality, fine craftsmanship of seating and teamed up with a wonderful company we have trusted for over 15 years. They offer timeless, quality designs to satisfy the discerning customer. Our chairs are meticulously crafted by true craftsmen, matching the high-quality standards in our Carolina Farmhouse tables. We work closely with our chair artisans who have proven their commitment to creating a beautiful product that demonstrates strength and stability. 

Quality hardwoods such as Oak, Cherry, and Maple are available. All our chairs are doweled and glued to ensure years of sturdy seating around the table. Chairs are shipped to us unfinished, and we finish them with the same meticulous process as we do our tables, ensuring a gorgeous finish that coordinates with our handcrafted heirloom tables. Styles are offered with wood, fiber rush, as well as upholstered cushion seating options. Click here for fabric options.

How many chairs will fit around my table?

Deciding how many people you can fit around your dining table is dictated by the size table you invest in at Carolina Farm Table. On average, you’ll need 24 inches per person for chair placement between the legs. Benches can fit more people, especially kids!! ☺   

After deciding what size farmhouse table best fits your needs and home, check out our online seating chart here and choose from our standard sizes, or create a custom size. We are happy to talk through details with you to ensure you get a good fit!