Care & Maintenance

Everyday Care- Tables are water resistant, but water should not be left on the surface for an extended period of time. Our finish is low sheen and low maintenance. No water rings or spots will occur with normal use, unlike wax finished pieces. With our pieces of furniture there is very low upkeep commitment and with regular care they should last years to come. The finish is made to handle minimal heat, but to be cautious if it is too hot to handle with your bare hands. We recommend using a pot holder or cooling rack beneath the plate or dish.

Cleaning- Wipe furniture with light soapy water & dry with soft dishcloth. Allow piece to completely dry before redecorating. If necessary apply a non residue buildup dust spray such as pledge. Other light cleaning products may be used on a regular basis. To remove pen marks and tough stains, try using a magic eraser. Avoid any chemical that is lacquer thinner based, such as finger nail polish remover or harsh abrasive cleaners. Do not use steel wool, but rather soft cloths or paper towels.

Minor Touch Ups- Mishaps can be blended in using Minwax Stain Marker. We recommend “Dark Walnut” for most repairs, to blend scratches into the finish. Have paper towel on hand to blend accordingly. For intensive damage to furniture or finish we recommend professional care for the investment of your piece.

Preventing Excessive Wood Movement- Our furniture is made to allow for movement by starting with kiln dried wood, properly sealing all sides of the wood and using assembly processes which allow the wood to move. Despite our efforts, you still cannot subject furniture to excessive dry air or heat. Being too close to a wood stove or unhealthy dry heat can cause warping and cracking.