A unique client from Virgina Beach discovered our work through our website and knew he just had to have some pieces! He insisted on wormy tiger maple- or ambrosia, as some folks call it. This is a very unique wood, and one of my personal favorites (My own dining table is crafted from this wood), and can be quite hard to find. This client loved our trestle style dining tables and wanted a console table as well. I told the client that it may take some time to collect a substantial amount for the pieces we were discussing, but he was willing to wait and be patient. So, we began our search and found a wonderful company that was willing to pull out specific boards for us to look at, over the course of three months. They were able to set aside some absolutely gorgeous wormy tiger maple wood, that we then used on these particular projects.

So, here you have a French country trestle table, 7’x40″, 30″ tall, 1 3/4″ thick top, hand scraped, complete with two 18″ extensions and breadboard ends. Also, we crafted this contemporary style console table, 5’x14″, 30″ tall, with 2 1/2″ tapered legs, complete with two drawers and a shelf. The drawers have dovetail joinery and the top has a slightly tapered outer edge and has been hand scraped. Both pieces turned out beautifully and we cannot wait for the client to receive his pieces!! Enjoy! Give us a call if you have a unique piece in mind! (828) 773-0769