Having a range of pedestal tables, we are able to work with each individual client and their specific needs. A few weeks back we introduced the French Country Pedestal in Apple Green. Now I am sharing with you a few other options for pedestal designs we offer. First up, we have a 36″, counter height, 4′ round pedestal, 6″ base, with a light stained Cherry top. This is the smallest pedestal we currently offer, and it goes great in small areas! Next, we have the 60″ round pedestal table, in solid oak. It has been stained dark brown and has an 8″ base. The third pedestal table shown here has an oak 8″ base as well,  and a 54″ round Pine top.  All three table tops have been hand planed. Enjoy! Call us today if you would like a Pedestal table! (828) 773-0769