The past eight months there has been a huge work from home movement happening all around us. People are now, maybe more than ever, realizing how this trend may be more than just a pandemic adjustment. They are embracing this as a lifestyle change for the better, to be with loved ones more and truly prioritize life itself. To aid in this work from home shift, we are happy to now offer adjustable standing desks! Allowing for movement throughout your workday can aid in your body’s digestion, alleviate spinal pressure and encourage blood flow. We offer a motorized desk base that can raise and lower to your desired seating or standing height. With four programmable preset heights, you can easily go from sitting in a chair to standing at your computer in 30 seconds! It can adjust low enough that even your children can use the desk for school. We can create a custom desktop-sized just for your space out of new, reclaimed or live edge hardwood. Give us a call, or email us, to discuss how to customize yours at your home or office workspace.