We are so thankful for all the customers we get to do business with. From time to time, however, one stands out as a true joy to work with! This massive reclaimed chestnut table went to one of those customers. Several years ago, she ordered a 6′ pine farm table and chairs. When I delivered to her home, she thanked me for the wonderful table and told me that there was a major kitchen remodel in the future and that she might want a larger table once it was finished. Earlier this year, the remodel began, and she ordered her dream table. This 11′ x 46″ Tuscan trestle has two 18″ extensions, making it 14′ for holiday gatherings and such. She was so happy when we delivered it last week, she even gave me a hug! 🙂 We have had many repeat customers over the years, doing a remodel, building a new home, or giving a gift to a family member. The trust and loyalty we have received truly warms our hearts and makes us so proud of the work that we have been allowed to do.
From our Home to Yours, Happy Thanksgiving!!