We have been building tables out of tiger maple for over 20 years. Tiger maple, or curly maple, is an aberration that occurs in all species of maple on an irregular and unpredictable basis, which changes the growth of the wood fibers to produce various types of figures that are independent of the wood grain itself. This is a domestic hardwood with an exotic look. Used in furniture & musical instruments for centuries, you will find high-priced antiques in both categories. We buy only the best tiger maple sold in book-matched sets so all the boards in the tabletop are from the same tree. This insures an even strip pattern from board to board. Once the table is built we hand scrape the maple to pull the most figure out of the tiger stripes. This practice of hand scraping the wood surface goes back centuries as well, it is truly a lost art. It is very difficult to do and we are proud to continue using handcrafted techniques like this in the furniture we build today. Last but not least, the finish is a 7-step process that involves water-based dyes teak oil & shellac along with several steps to give the piece an antique look & highlight the tiger stripes as much as possible. If you are interested in a custom-made Tiger maple table please let us know.