We adore repurposing wood!! Barn wood had such unique character because it has been used as a siding for years, sometimes even hundreds of years. It has been weathered through the storms of life, literally, and is completely different than any other type of material we work with. We regularly build tables and other pieces of furniture with this wood, and have even gotten wood direct from folks property when they tear down an old barn or outbuilding and want to reclaim the wood themselves. It is such a joy to see how these pieces turn out and the fact that they can be handed down generations, well that is an added bonus!

Below are two pieces we created using reclaimed oak, from local sources buildings in our area. The 8’x44″ Oak Farm table has 4 1/4″ turned legs and the Buffet is 21″x6’x 36″ tall and has 4 doors and 4 drawers. This buffet is our formal style but is cut away on the base trim, per the client’s request. Enjoy If you are interested in a Reclaimed Wood piece of furniture, give us a call today! (828) 773-0769