We love buying old lumber from within our community, both for its physical character, and the unique story which each piece holds. Most of the time it is reclaimed, but we are also offered old lumber that was cut on someone’s land or farm, and it just never got used. A lot of times, a family member has a tree milled because it fell in a storm, or needs to be removed for new construction. It is then stacked away in a barn or shed for decades waiting to be used. That is the case with this oak we picked up in Piney Creek. I am told the trees fell during Hurricane Hugo and it has been in the top of this small grain barn ever since. This wood is not reclaimed but it is full of character, also a lot of the boards are extra wide and thick. We have what we need to build a few farmhouse tables and one trestle table. If you are interested in having a unique table custom-made that is full of rustic beauty and has a cool story let us know. We can’t wait to see what these boards become!