As I look back over this year & think of all the family gatherings that will happen today around our Carolina Farm Tables it warms my heart. I am proud to share this post that started over two years ago with a trip to the lumber mill.
When we select wood for our live edge premium tables, typically we choose 8’ or 9’ log sets. This is the most common size we find, and it works nicely with our designs. However, every once in a while I come across a really unique set of logs. On one of my road trips, I came across a 13′ long log set, and the live edge was exceptionally straight, and the boards were extra thick. I was super stoked even though I did not necessarily need the lumber at the time. It was quite an investment, as walnut is definitely a higher-cost wood species, but I just knew someone would appreciate it as much as I did in the future. Two years later, an interior design company I work with in Southport, Maine asked me if I could build a 12′ long live edge trestle table out of walnut and I said “YES”!! A few months later we got started and I am very happy with how this project turned out! The wide and extra-long boards shine and make this piece absolutely gorgeous, and one of a kind!
We hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!