If you’ve been following along in our posts, you’ve heard about the 100-year-old cabin we reclaimed back in the summer of 2020. We have been able to create some really unique, one-of-a-kind, custom-made tables with the lumber. However, we did set some wood aside, and have a few pieces that haven’t been claimed yet, just in time for the holidays! Because we started with whole logs reclaimed from the cabin, this gave us an opportunity to leave the live edge on the boards that we milled. In the 20 years, I have been building furniture out of reclaimed wood, I have never seen this done. Normally the lumber cut for a barn or farmhouse is cut on all four sides, squared up so to speak. I think the live edge and the reclaimed wood go together so well, and just love the pieces we were able to make! The first table is a live edge reclaimed wormy chestnut top on a cast iron base. This is our NY table base, and it is a reproduction of the old metal bases that were used in factories as work tables. We have found originals over the years and made some great tables, but they were all 36″ tall, built for standing work. These reproductions set the table at 30″, which is the standard dining table height. The size is 72″x36″ and is available for $3,000. The second table is actually an UpLift standing desk, we have built several of these in the last year or two. They have become very popular for at work and in-home offices. There are many variations of this type of desk on the market, but they are definitely not all built the same. The UpLift standing desk bases are the best quality we think, and very sturdy. This one has a reclaimed oak top, 46”x32”, and the base is a graphite grey. It expands from 24” to 50” and is available for $2,000.  The final piece is another cast iron base, but this time it is a coffee table! We love these mini versions and this style would work great in a variety of settings, from the living room to the man cave! 😉 The top is reclaimed oak, size is 48″x22″, 19″ tall and is $1,200.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these one-of-a-kind tables, please message, email or give us a call today! 828-773-0769