We have been working hard creating a unique, one of a kind, industrial table with these amazing factory pieces of cast iron… This is what we came up with. John found these two salvaged steel pieces up in New England and knew they would make for a really cool unique base. Our thought is they probably came from a factory. Devin decided to use some reclaimed wormy chestnut to complete the industrial look. It is 1 1/2″ thick, hand planed and has bread board ends. Before this table was even built, a local visitor was in the shop and just had to have it! It is 90″ x38″. We always are thinking up one of a kind pieces with found materials, and especially steel bases. We keep some in stock and also have a supply of reproductions. Feel free to give Devin a call if you would love a piece to be created just for you! (828) 773-0769