If you are looking for a new farmhouse dining table and would like to extend your seating options for the holidays you are in luck!! Right now, we have TWO 6’ x38” Pine Farmhouse Tables, with extensions, IN STOCK! This design and size is one of our most popular tables! It will seat 6 people comfortably every day. With it’s two extensions attached, it quickly becomes a 10’ table, that can fit 8-10 when your guests comes over. Perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and the price is $1,800. We also have several Coffee tables available as well. These 4’x28″ farmhouse-style coffee tables are casual and functional. They are $450 each and we even have one that has a drawer for $500. Delivery is available, or you can pick it up at our shop in Sparta when you come up to get your Christmas tree 😀!!