What a table made for a Holiday Feast! This 15’x4′ cherry mission trestle table is one of the largest tables we have ever built. The trestle base is built with mortise and tenon joinery. This ancient technique dating back thousands of years has many variations, but the basic practice has remained the same. A protruding tenon, cut at the end of one piece, fits into a corresponding recess, called a mortise, in the other. This joint is a staple in the construction of chairs, tables, cabinets, frames, doors, windows, and paneling. With the proper amount of glue, and wedges, or metal fasteners, this joint can handle an incredible amount of force. This is definitely necessary on this 15’x4′ tabletop, as it is weighing in at 350lb!! The client chose a light golden oak stain, which is our favorite color on cherry because it is very close to its natural color and really lets the grain shine through. Now we will carefully box up this massive table and hand it over to our in-home delivery company. They will take this table to its Jamestown, Rhode Island home. We are SO thankful for the opportunities we are giving by our customers, the small mountain town we get to call home and the talented team we have working for us.