Congrats to our friends at Booneshine Brewery on opening their tasting room and restaurant in East Boone this past summer!! What a pleasure it was creating these massive tables with Charleston Forge for their outdoor space! We built these 8’x3′, 1 3/4″ thick tops out of white oak and sealed them with a spar urethane so they could hold up outdoors year-round. Charleston Forge built the steel bases that set the tables at 36″ tall. A perfect height for hanging out with friends and tasting craft beer. We love working with local small businesses and these two companies really are top-notch. Charleston Forge has been making high-end metal furniture for over 35 years. Their factory is located in Boone right down the road from Booneshine Brewery. They ship their work throughout the US and internationally. Check them out at when you get a chance! Booneshine is a new business in the High Country. They have been in business since 2015, and have really taken off and grown a large following. You can find their beer on tap and in cans all over Boone and beyond. I honestly believe they are in it for the love of creating great tasting beer and that is why I think they are the best brewery in the High Country. You can check them out at It seems that if you take passion in what you do, whether it is custom made dining tables, hand-forged metal furniture or craft beer, your hard work will show and your business will succeed. Thank you very much to all the folks that try to buy local and support small business!! It is a true blessing to be able to do what we love!