Benches come with hand planed, plank style tops or a glued up top for a smoother surface. Breadboard ends can be added to either style to match the table top. Leg options for our farm style benches are turned or tapered and are 2 1/2″ wide. Trestle designs are available as well for benches. Benches can be all stained or have a painted base. All painted bases come in pine with rub through on edges. All benches are 19″ tall. Hardwoods available for the prices below are: Cherry, Maple, Red Oak. 




Farm Tables  Pine   Hardwood
42″x14″ 300   400
54″x14″ 300   400
66″x14″ 400   500
78″x14″ 500   600
Trestle Tables      
72″x14″ 700   800
84″x14″ 800   900
96″x14″ 900   1,000
108″x14″ 1,100   1,200
120″x14″ 1,200   1,400



  • A shelf can be added to a 4 legged bench for $100 extra 
  • Walnut & white oak is available add 20% to hardwood price
  • Reclaimed Oak is available add 20% to hardwood price.
  • Reclaimed Chestnut is available add 30% to hardwood price.
  • Reclaimed Pine is available add 30% to pine price.
  • Tiger Maple is available in 1″ thickness only, add 40% to hardwood price.